Taste the Truth

Our work is fueled by a simple idea—great food deserves great drinks.
Through a select network of restaurant pouring partners, we are providing true refreshment through handcrafted flavor and only real ingredients. All Tractor beverages are completely organic, entirely natural and 100% non-GMO.

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Fountain Drinks

Mildly carbonated and wildly flavorful.
Like soda but not like any soda you’ve known.


Specialty Drinks

Uncarbonated, unadulterated and utterly refreshing.

Real Drinks for Real Food

Tractor beverages are ingredient-centric allowing restaurants to create a drink selection that pairs with and reflects the food being served.

Born on a Farm.
Raised in the Kitchen.

Tractor was founded in 2014 by organic farmer Travis Potter. He had a revolutionary idea—to eliminate the bad in restaurant beverages. We’ve been radical ever since and are happy to report Tractor Beverage Company is still all good.

Harvesting Flavor
the World Over

We depend on flavorful, honest ingredients provided through farmers, growers and producers from around the world. Sourcing this way is not always easy or quick but doing things right always leaves a better taste.

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