partner love

“You guys have the best customer service. Every time I needed something, You guys were right there and sent it out right away..”


“You prove that there are still good people in this world!

customer love


“Hey guys, huge fan here. Just want to say that kola cola is the best soda i’ve ever had in my life. Seriously. There are times i lay awake yearning for just a drop of that sweet nectar of the gods.”


“You have one of the best tasting lemonades I have ever had so far in my life and I love lemonade and I have tried plenty and this is by far the best and it was all due to my husband buying your lemonade at chipotle for me on my lunch break and surprised me with it and ever since I’ve been hooked ! Love the product!”


“The Sweet Tea reminded me of my grandmother’s brew, from a small Georgia town between Athens and Atlanta. It is incredible! “


Share Your Love for Tractor with a Poem

Write a heartfelt poem about your favorite flavor and submit it, and you could be featured on our website and receive a 12-pack of sample cans of your favorite flavor from yours truly.

this month’s winning love poem

kola cola
In fields of green where tractors roam,
A beverage company called its own,
Tractor Beverage, proud and true,
With Kola Cola, a taste so new.
A soda brew of sweetness rare,
In syrup form, they chose to share,
But whispers echoed far and wide,
Of thirst unquenched, desires untied.
In restaurants grand, the drink did flow,
Where sips were served, but not to go,
Yet customers yearned to hold it tight,
In aluminum cans, a sparkling sight.
For in the cans, the world could see,
The magic of Kola Cola free,
To grace the palms of young and old,
A fizzy tale of liquid gold.
The time had come for a grand release,
From syrup’s chains, the drink’s caprice,
To set it free, with bubbles bright,
In every hand, a pure delight.
Tractor Beverage heard the call,
To touch more hearts, to reach the all,
And so they packaged, can by can,
The Kola Cola, grand and grand.
From farms to cities, it did spread,
To homes and parks, where laughter fed,
The joy it brought, a testament,
To change and growth, where dreams were sent.
Now, Kola Cola reigns supreme,
In cans adorned with sparkling gleam,
Tractor Beverage’s pride and might,
A soda wonder, day and night.
customer love

“I just wanted to reach out and say that your organic black tea is literally my favorite drink of all time. My local Chipotle thinks I’m a weirdo because I come in all the time, skip the line, and just leave with the tea. So thanks for making such a great product and being a company with great values. I love you!”

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