Gaining valuable professional experience never tasted so good. Spend your semester repping the better-for-you beverage at your school, and grow your résumé while you’re at it.

Fall 2024 applications are now open!

The Real Deal

We know what you’re thinking: is it paid? The answer is yes—$25/hour. You’ll be doing actual work, after all, like creating campaigns, organizing events, and meeting with execs on our team.


As a campus intern, you’ll

  • Develop marketing communications, strategies, and digital and social content for Tractor.
  • Plan and oversee sampling and experiential events that help build brand awareness.
  • Connect with senior business leaders to discuss sales opportunities and goals.
  • And more!

What We’re
Looking For

  • Motivated students who are passionate about all things business and marketing, social media, and content creation
  • Social butterflies who can network and collaborate with various organizations across campus
  • Changemakers who want to engage with their school community in new and exciting ways

Sound like you?

About Us

At Tractor, we strive to create a better planet and make sustainable organic drinks accessible to all. Locally sourced and thoughtfully crafted, each beverage is naturally delicious, uniquely flavorful, and sure to satisfy your taste buds.

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